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Proxy DFAN14A 2/14/2020
Proxy DFAN14A 2/13/2020
13-D SC 13G/A 2/12/2020
13-D SC 13D/A 2/12/2020
8-K 8-K 2/11/2020 2/11/2020
Abstract: On Feb. 11, registrant announced that its board of directors concluded its most recent strategic review, the third in the past eight months.
Proxy DEFA14A 2/11/2020
Proxy DFAN14A 2/11/2020
Proxy DFAN14A 2/10/2020
Proxy DFAN14A 2/7/2020
8-K 8-K 2/6/2020 2/6/2020
Abstract: On Feb. 6, registrant announced it expressed its disappointment with Driver Management Company LLC’s latest unprofessional antics by canceling, with minimal notice, a meeting – originally requested by Driver Management – with members of the registrant’s board of directors and management team. The security holdings of directors and executive officers were included by exhibit.
Proxy DEFA14A 2/6/2020
Proxy DFAN14A 2/6/2020
Proxy DFAN14A 2/5/2020
8-K 8-K 1/29/2020 1/29/2020
Abstract: 8-K filed by First United Corp. (FUNC) covering Results of Operations and Financial Condition; Regulation FD Disclosure; and Financial Statements and Exhibits.
Proxy DFAN14A 1/28/2020
Proxy DFAN14A 1/27/2020
Proxy DFAN14A 1/24/2020
Proxy DFAN14A 1/23/2020
Proxy DFAN14A 1/22/2020
Proxy DFAN14A 1/17/2020

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